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IQF berries, cleared and packed.

Wild game meat

Wild game meat

Taste of nature - special for hotels and restaurants.



Frozen or dried ready for supply.

From deep of forest to big cities

We deliver this miracle, northern berries, to the tables of Consumers, carefully preserving all the beneficial properties inherent in their nature. A professional approach allows us to come this way with minimal loss of product quality. We are proud of their work and perform it with love and special care, so our products are in high demand not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Major Berry's supplier in Polar region

We supply North delicacies from Arctic with love.

Arctic nature is able to prepare for the long and harsh winter for a very short and cold summer. Even before the onset of cold weather, wild animals and birds, inhabiting forests and tundra, have a possibility to enjoy gifts of nature, and stock up on the necessary energy for upcoming winter.

Due to the polar day, sun never sets from May to August, thereby summer just compensates for the lack of heat lots of sunshine. All this creates the conditions under which the northern berries that grow in circumpolar regions, absorb the force of nature and become a real source of vitamins and minerals, as required in the winter.

Our company is engaged picking and further processing of wild berries and mushrooms growing in the Russian North, and supply of natural and frozen product to Russian and foreign enterprises.

The interest of wild foods is increasing along with the increasing popularity of consumer interest in healthy and balanced diet day of the day. Every year we are expanding the network of purveying centers to increase the volume of the purchasing of wild berries and mushrooms, to meet the ever growing demand.

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